Based On Experiences of People with Parkinson's
Written By Doctors
Peer Reviewed By Leading Medical Experts
Input By People From The Parkinson's Community

Janice's Story

My name is Janice and I live with my husband in Sydney where we share our home with my son, his wife and their two young children and I also have two daughters who live away from home....

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About Medicine X

We translate complicated 'doctor speak' into an entertaining and engaging language - so that every person regardless of age, gender, culture and condition, can have access to medical information they can understand.

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Parkinson's Xplained -
A Collaborative Community Effort

A wide community contributed to Parkinson's Xplained. The starting point being the story of Janice. From this, we involved medical experts, relevant medical bodies and institutions. The story was then peer reviewed, and shared with a focus group of people with Parkinson's to help evolve and optimise the content. So thank you to all those involved.

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